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October is "Talk about your medicines" month (sponsored by the National Council on Patient Information and Education) and we at the Health Care Access Coalition (HCAC) want to talk about prescription drugs - specifically H.R.1776. This bill was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives on March 29, 2017 and has been languishing since.

Volunteers with the HCAC secured more than 1,100 signatures from citizens in New York Congressional District 23 to urge our representative to vote in favor of H.R.1776. We even secured the signature of Tracy Mitrano, a candidate for congresswoman in our district. Ms. Mitrano supports H.R.1776 and we urge you to support those who also support it.

We will use October to highlight key portions of the bill and urge you to share your stories of health care woes, particularly related to prescription drug costs and access.

Below you will find press releases and editorials for your use in media outlets.

Introduction to our October initiative press release

O Canada - Our Neighbors Rx Costs Less

Negotiating Fair Drug Prices Shouldn't be Against the Law

Prize Fund to Delink Costs of R&D from Drug Prices

Several members of the Health Care Access Coalition visited Congressman Tom Reed's Olean office to drop off the petitions with over 1,100 names from constituents in his district. 

Press release regarding the petition drop-off. The following photos are associated with the release.

Press Coverage of Health Care Access Coalition events:

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  • Single Payer Under the Microscope was also featured in the Olean Times Herald.  Click here for the article.


Health Care Access Coalition media releases:


Points of view and editorials by our members, journalists and other citizens:

  • Universal Health Care Might Cost you Less Than you Think, opinion piece in the New York Times.

  • Would ‘Medicare for All’ Save Billions or Cost Billions? The New York Times asked a handful of economists and think tanks to find out. Click here for more.

  • Why I am Stockpiling Insulin in my Fridge published in the New York Times by Maris Kreizman.

  • Medicare for All Would Abolish Private Insurance. ‘There’s No Precedent in American History.’ New York Times reports.

  • The Los Angeles Times reports: Lilly unveils a ‘generic’ insulin and shows how broken our healthcare system really is.

  • Opinion piece by Tina Rosenberg in the New York Times titled: Treat Medicines Like Netflix Treats Shows

  • New York Times article titled: Something Happened to U.S. Drug Costs in the 1990s

  • The editorial board of The New York Times published How Much Will Americans Sacrifice for Good Health Care?

  • On Health Care, 2020 Democrats Find Their First Real Fault Lines in The New York Times

  • Jamie Daw wrote an opinion piece in The New York Times titled: A better path to universal health care.

  • Olean Times Herald reporter, Julia Sampson, wrote about our local citizens group in the February 10, 2010 edition.  Click here for a copy of the article.

  • National Public Radio commentary by Barry Gan, Ph.D., professor at St. Bonaventure University, was heard on January 12.  For a copy of the transcript, click here.

  • Athena Godet-Calogeras, MS, is the founder/chair of the Health Care Access Coalition and an active fighter in the crusade for health care for all.  Athena is a proponent of single-payer health care.  To read a recent editorial on the subject, please click here.

  • Athena Godet-Calogeras, MS, is founder/chair of the Health Care Access Coalition (Allegany/Olean), Peter Mott, MD is Associate Professor of Community Medicine at the University of Rochester (retired) and Andrew Coates, MD is Assistant Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry at Albany Medical College.  All three penned an editorial that appeared in several daily papers in New York State including the Buffalo News.  Click here to read the piece.

  • What are the next steps in health care reform?  The New York Times offered an informative look at what's next.  Click here for more.