The Improving Access to Affordable Prescription Drugs Act


The summary of the act is provided by www.citizen.org. Information below is taken directly from the Section-by-Section summary provided by the organization. 

The act is divided into 18 sections. We've highlighted the most important pieces of the legislation.

Title I - Transparency

Sec. 101 Drug manufacturer reporting

Sec. 102 Determining the public and private benefit of co-payment coupons and other patient assistance programs

Title II - Access and Affordability

Sec.201 Negotiating fair prices for Medicare prescription drugs

Sec.202 Prescription drug price spikes

Sec.203 Acceleration of the closing of the Medicare Part D coverage gap

Sec.204 Importing affordable and safe drugs

Sec.205 Requiring drug manufacturers to provide drug rebates fro drugs dispensed to low-income individuals

Sec.206 Cap on prescription drug cost-sharing

Title III - Innovation

Sec.301 Prize fund for new and more effective treatments of bacterial infections

Sec.302 Public funding for clinical trials

Sec.303 Rewarding innovative drug development

Sec.304 Improving program integrity

Title IV - Choice and Competition

Sec.401 Preserving access to affordable generics

Sec.402 180-Day exclusivity period amendments regarding first applicant status

Sec.403 180-Day exclusivity period amendments regarding agreements to defer commercial marketing

Sec.404 Increasing generic drug competition

Sec.405 Disallowance of deduction for advertising for prescription drugs

Sec.406 Product Hopping

Each week in October we will highlight a Title of the bill and share editorials and other information with you. Check back for more information.

Week of:

  • October 1: Title II - Access and Affordability

  • October 8: Title III - Innovation

  • October 15: Title IV - Choice and Competition

  • October 22: Title I - Transparency