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October is "Talk About Your Medicines" month (sponsored by the National Council on Patient Information and Education) and the Health Care Access Coalition (HCAC) wants to talk about prescription drugs - specifically H.R.1776.

This bill was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives on March 29, 2017 and has been languishing since.​

Volunteers with the HCAC secured more than 1,100 signatures from citizens in New York Congressional District 23 to urge our representative to vote in favor of H.R.1776. Tracy Mitrano, democratic party candidate for congress in the 23rd district, also signed the petition signaling her support of this important legislation.

We will use October to highlight key portions of the bill. Members of the HCAC will write editorials for use in our district media. These editorials are based on key components of the legislation highlighted as concerns by constituents in our district. The first two of several are attached with this press release. Information may also be found here.

Our hope is to raise the issue of access to affordable prescription drugs for all Americans but certainly for constituents in our congressional district.

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