Links and Books

Helpful Links

New York State Health Benefit Exchange
This page highlights everything you need to know about the Health Care Exchanges outlined in the Affordable Care Act.  It covers everything individuals and businesses need to know as well as frequently asked questions.

Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State
The Labor-Religion Coalition has a twenty-five year history of fighting for justice and humanity in the workplace - including health care and the rights of workers across the state.  The Health Care Access Coalition is a project of the Labor-Religion Coalition of Southwestern New York State.

Universal Health Care Action Network
A national network of grassroots supporters for universal health care.  This Web site contains much information about health care reform including articles that have appeared in national newspapers and magazines as well as calls to action for all of us.  A wealth of information for anyone interested in learning more about the universal health care movement.

Single Payer New York
Sponsored by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) this Web site offers information about single payer efforts in New York State including recent proposals and news.

Western New York Area Labor Federation
This Web site is valuable to those interested in fair labor practices including access to health care.

Raising Women's Voices for the Health Care we Need
Women are the users and drivers of health care. This national coalition is helping women to find their voices in promoting health care for all.

National Physicians Alliance
Physicians nationwide recognize the need for health care reform and are active in the struggle.  They have started the Secure Health Care for ALL campaign to ensure that health care reform remains at the top of the legislative agenda in Washington, D.C.

The Commonwealth Fund
A private foundation developed to promote quality health care and better access.

America's Union Movement with information about how health care legislation affects working folks.


Helpful Books

The following books may be helpful for those looking for additional information on the subject of health care and health care reform.  Many of the books are available in the Chautauqua Cattaraugus Library system.  Others may be ordered online or may be available at national booksellers and on e-readers and other mobile devices.

  • Sick: The untold story of America's health care crisis and the people who pay the price by Jonathan Cohn [Olean and Jamestown libraries]

  • Money Driven Medicine: The real reason health care costs so much by Maggie Mahar [Olean and Jamestown libraries]

  • One Nation Uninsured: Why the U.S. has no national health insurance by Jill Quadagno [James Prendergast library]

  • Critical Condition: How health care in America became big business and bad medicine by Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele [Olean, Westfield and Fredonia libraries]

  • Health care, Guaranteed by Ezekiel J. Emanuel, M.D.

  • Critical: What we can do about the health care crisis by Thomas Daschle

  • More Harm Than Good: What your doctor may not tell you about common treatments and procedures by Alan Zelicoff, M.D. and Michael Bellomo [Olean library]

  • Health Care Half Truths: Too many myths, not enough reality by Arthur Garson, Jr., M.D. and Carolyn L. Engelhard, M.P.A. [Olean, Fredonia, Westfield, and Jamestown libraries]

  • As Sick as it Gets: The shocking reality of America's health care by Rudolp Mueller, M.D. [Olean, Jamestown, Westfield, and Fredonia libraries]

  • The Healing of America: A global quest for better, cheaper and fairer health care by T.R. Reid [Olean, Silver Creek, Chautauqua, Westfield, and Fredonia libraries]

  • The Health Care Mess: How we got into it and what it will take to get out by Julius B. Rickmond, M.D. and Rashi Fein, Ph.D. [Jamestown and Lakewood libraries]

  • Prescription for Real Health Care Reform: How we can achieve affordable medical care for every American and make our jobs safer by Howard Dean, M.D.

  • Health Care Meltdown: Confronting the myths and fixing our failing system by Robert A. LeBow, M.D.